Dog Handler and Cuddler

Rosie is an experienced dog walker, handler and holder of an Ofqual Accredited Level 4 Diploma in Dog training, and is dedicated to enriching the lives of the dogs in our care. A life-long love for dogs, and an extensive background in psychodynamic development, provides Rosie with a unique insight into the interactions between humans and animals. Rosie prides herself on her capacity to care unconditionally.

With professional development in mind, Rosie is currently working towards her Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour, and strives to continuously enhance her skills and expertise.

In addition to her dedication to dogs, Rosie enjoys a number of passions that keep her mind and body active outside of work including football, LGBTQ+ activism, and as an amateur boxer, she embodies discipline, focus and determination, traits that are essential for managing dogs.