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Doggy Diary

Rocco: I am very lucky some days where the staff at Pets in the City allow me to sit with them in the office where I get my own blanket and chair to sit on. I do feel really spoiled sometimes ha-ha. After an energetic walk it is now time for my afternoon siesta; catch up with you guys soon!. Read more…


Pets in the City owner Sarah during the opening of the Pets in the City shop.

Dog of the Moment

Gellet or 'G-Dog' to his friends; what a fine chap this Welsh Terrier is.

Settling Your Puppy on Car Journeys

If your pup is failing to settle in the car, or if he is suffering from car-sickness, make sure every car trip ends on a treat. Visit a friend who has a dog that your puppy likes to play with, or, once he has completed his vaccinations, take him to the park. In this way, the puppy will build up good associations with the car, and will learn to settle.